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Sigiriya is the most popular tourist place located in Northern region of the Matale district, Sri Lanka near the Dambulla town in the Central Province. It is actually an ancient rock fortress considered to be one of the most valuable Sri Lankan historical monuments. The locals of this place refer this particular place as the 8th wonder of the world. This fortress complex and the ancient palace have the crucial archaeological importance and also attract thousands of travellers every year. It is also considered to be the most visiting tourist attraction of Sri Lanka.

Important information about Sigiriya:

Sigiriya palace is probably located in the heart of the island between two popular towns of Habarane and Dambulla on the huge rocky highland of 370 meters above the sea level. This rock plateau which is formed from lava of an extinct volcano is probably 200 meters higher than the jungles surrounded by it. When considering its view, it really amazes the visitors with the unique harmony between the human imagination and nature.

It includes the leftovers of the ancient palace surrounding by the large network of the reinforcement, vast canals, gardens, alleys, ponds and also fountains. The neighbouring areas of Sigiriya were reduced for the several thousands of years. From the 3rd century to still now, this stony flat terrain of Sigiriya give out as the monastery. The prime entrance of this fortress complex is situated in the north region of the rock. It has a design of the massive rock lion whose feet have stay existed up to today there are several damages on the body parts. Thus, it is also known as the lion rock in the locality.

Some more information about Sigiriya:

  • When considering the western wall of the Sigiriya, it was totally covered by the frescoes made during the reign of the Kasyapa.
  • One of the most considerable features of this palace is its mirror wall. In the ancient days, it was thoroughly polished that the kind might see his reflection in it.
  • The mirror wall in this fortress complex is pained with the poems and different words written by the Sigiriya’s visitors.
  • The oldest writings are dated from the 8th century and they are proving that it was a tourist destination more than thousands of years.
  • If you are visiting this palace today, painting on the wall is strictly banned.
  • The gardens and buildings of Sigiriya palace show the makers of this stunning architectural monument used the highly creative and unique options of the technologies and technical skills.
  • The construction of this monument on the huge rock approximately 200 meters higher from the nearby landscape required the advanced engineering and architectural skills.

There are also water gardens available along with the terraced gardens, boulder and cave gardens. The western part of this rock actually consist of the locks, canals, bridges, dams, lakes, fountains and also the underground & surface water pumps.

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